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Krushi Nature Water Care Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and earned a brand name in Manufacturing and supplying of quality innovative products i.e. Magnetic, Electro Magnetic, Electronic & Pulse, Water Conditioners / Softeners, De-Scalar, Catalytic Technology. These products JALDOOT WATER CONDITIONERS are used in various industrial applications, agriculture as well as household purposes. This profile is a first step towards building that mutual trust and confidence, by introducing ourselves to you. Here we have tried to answer any questions that may arise in your mind; and we assure you of answering any other questions that may arise in your mind.

JALDOOT Water Conditioners / Softeners This is the special investigation in the field of 'HARD WATER' which helps in the field Where water is 'soul' of process. Our Product is a special designed product in which - Ultrasonic, Magnetic static as well as pulsing power technology, in addition to these three technologies we have added a Catalytic technology in our Water Conditioners (please see photo of our 'Three dimensional Water Conditioners' in attached file), due to which our product is a best of all, consuming less power, giving us the best results, all is controlled by the advanced designed micro - processor. We agree that every business should make money, but money is not the only Thing that a business should make

What do we do?

We provide premium HARD WATER solutions with our modern and creative way. PROBLEMS CAUSED BY HARD WATER :

Calcite, the main cause of scale, is the most common form of calcium carbonate and occurs naturally as a natural ingredient of chalk, limestone and marble. Water passing over and permeating through such rocks dissolves calcite when this water subsequently flows through a water system the calcite precipitates out to form a very hard scale on surfaces. When hard water is heated, or evaporation takes place, the problems are exacerbated. Calcite forms ever growing layers of rock-like deposits until eventually pipes, jets and equipment become totally blocked.

The problem increases as the water gets hotter. Water containing 145 ppm of calcite, flowing at 3.5 litres per minute, produces in one year 4.8 kilograms of scale at 60ºC. At 80ºC this rises dramatically to a massive 29.9 kilograms! Scale wastes both energy and financial resources just one eighth of an inch of scale reduce heating efficiency by 25%. It is also very expensive to remove de-scaling pipes and boilers.

Scale Reduction

It is this changed size, modified charge and crystalline shape that has the first two beneficial properties for the reduction of scale. The 2-4 micron sized crystals become non-sticky and will not coagulate or precipitate and form scale in the same way as untreated calcium carbonate nuclei would. This process is so effective that the water has been found to fell and behave like chemically softened water. The presence of the large crystalline shapes disrupts the equilibrium between the fluid and any existing scale. Smaller particles in general, dissolve more easily, so the larger particles will have reduced the levels of calcite in solution. Hence, existing scale deposited by precipitation will soften and gradually be absorbed into solution and flow out of the system. In areas of still water, e.g. tanks etc., the soft scale would settle to the bottom and could then be removed simply by flushing.

It has been established that the physiochemical process already described is more efficient because the signal energy is dynamically changing. By changing the signal field at high audio frequencies, unique to Baron, the energy Imparted to the nuclei is considerably accelerated. The crystal intra molecular structure is rapidly broken down and the occurrence causes a fast dissolution of any existing scale forming molecules. An important property of JALDOOT processed water is that the charged crystalline shape growth will remain in that State for up to 7 days. Thus in stored water systems the effect is much longer lasting than other ionizations methods, Retarding the reversion back to the smaller nuclei structures that are readily precipitated.

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