Industrial Water Conditioners

How it works?

Process of Jaldoot Water Conditioners ( 3 - Stage - Elecrolysis, Electronic Frequency with Permanent Magnet, Electromagnetic )

"JALDOOT" is a unique, efficient, energy-saving device designed to eliminate the problems of hard water, whilst retaining the natural benefits. This is achieved by changing the size of the particles of precipitated compounds, by aiding the ability of crystals to form their shape, and by altering the solubility of compounds within liquid. "JALDOOT" takes the process of induced ionization to its ultimate stage of Cathode and Anode. The principles of Magneto hydrodynamics (MHD) are applied by passing JALDOOT patented signal through a coil wrapped around the pipe to be treated. The signal consists of a frequency modulated (FM) waveform within the audio frequency (AF) bandwidth. This inaudible sonic frequency signal sets up a dynamic field around and through the coil, pipe and water, and modifies the calcium carbonate crystal nuclei.

The nuclei upon which the crystals start growing are minute in size and have charged surfaces in their natural condition within the water. When they pass through the ¤Éield, these naturally charged nuclei encounter considerable forces as the field interacts with them. The field acts at the surfaces of the nuclei and modifies the nature of the electrical charges and this ionization effect thus alters the growth rate and pattern of the crystals in general and on specific planes