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Hard Water Problems :
Plants in soils that are irrigated with hard water means the salt in soil stops crops from growing as well as they could.
Hard Water from a bore well typically has very high surface tension. This inhibits the ability of the water to be taken up into the plant stem and absorbed into cell structure. It is water that supports the stems and keeps them firm and straight and if it is not well absorbed then the plant quickly becomes dehydrated and wilts.

without jaldoot Water Conditioners softener

Soft Water Benefits With Jaldoot Water Conditioners :
Salt, iron and other minerals will be kept in solution so they don't crust and damage plants & equipment
Irrigate with a softer wetter water
Less water is lost to evaporation as water is absorbed into the ground more easily
Water will then be more easily taken up by plants
Greater feeder roots have been reported
Pipe and sprinkler nozzles will be protected from lime scale deposits.
Jaldoot Water Conditioners makes a static mixer, so you get a great water for mixing fertilizer.
Cut flowers last longer
Enables all plant stock to experience full growth for maximum quality means the irrigation system will operate at full capacity without the inhibition of scale. This means the grower can lower his maintenance costs and increase his stock prices
Reduction of maintenance on irrigation systems and water tapping

with jaldoot Water Conditioners softener

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