We area Reputable Company in the Market Jaldoot is a government registered subsidiary Established To Serve Renewable Energy. As a service contracting company, we offer complete Turnkey solution for installation and maintenance of Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Electrical Turnkey Projects, EV charging stations & Civil Infrastructure Projects. We are building a sustainable future through Renewable Energy solutions, generating more energy at lower cost. We pride ourselves on our level of professionalism and our strong work ethics that has served as the foundation of this company since its start.

Our Vision
Our mission is to offer renewable energy solutions to our clients in order to reduce cost and dependency on grid and standby power arrangements to meet the energy requirements.
We help our wide range of customers including residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial, government & educational institutions avail the multi benefits of renewable energy products
We are committed to installing high quality customized solar systems that offer the greatest return on your investment

The Values
What Distinguishes Us from The Competition? Jaldoot is trained to design and customize perfect renewable energy solution for yourhome or business.

We have an extensive range of experience in developing and constructing large and small scale projects, and are committed to continually investing in new technologies to improve the energy and cost efficiency of our systems.

Our Company Offers
By asking the right questions, evaluating many possibilities, and handling all logistics, we find and install a solution that's renewable, measurable, and attainable.

By investing in our future today, we're ensuring a cleaner, greener tomorrow.
Solar On-Grid Project, Solar Off-Grid Project, Solar Thermal, Solar Street Light Project Liasoning work with MSEDCL, PWD & Other Govt. Agencies, Turnkey HT & LT Electrical Infrasructure E-Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, Civil Infrastructure

Jaldoot, we're passionate about the benefits of renewable and sustainable energy and are dedicated to providing the highest quality solar-powered energy systems to our customers.



Since solar energy's widespread adoption, it's proven itself as a reliable energy source over fossil fuels


We use only best quality products that cost less per watt defying the "more efficient = more expensive" rule.


Solar energy is a stable investment that can transform your monthly expenses by generating free electricity.


Best Quality Products


Customized Solutions


Cost Effective Solutions


Hassle Free Service