It helps to reduce, skin and hair problem due to Hard and Salty Water
It will not allow to occur the scaling on expensive sanitary, Tiles Jacuzzi, Pipe-Line
Improves the taste of domestic water supplies, makes great tea and coffee and keeps your kettle clean
Helps keep bathtub and shower walls clean with less scrubbing
Dishwashers and washing machines remain clean and scale free, with less maintenance
Less water spotting makes car washing easy
Protects water heaters from corrosion, adds years to their lifetime
Reduces salt encrustation on air conditioners
Softer water in shower and bath
Remove scale from taps, pipes, and showers hence increase in pressure
Lawns and gardens thrive using salty water
Fabrics are cleaner and softer, healthier skin
Longer life jugs, hot water systems & white goods
Sparkling crockery, cutlery and glassware
It helps to reduce your electric bills which increases due to loss of efficiency

Hard Water Problems :
Itchy skin when you get out of the shower ?
Dry, hard to manage hair ?
Spots on your glassware even when you use a rinse aid in the dishwasher ?
Dirty scum inside your water kettle ?
Cloudy marks on your shower screen no matter how much you clean it ?
Scaly stuff on your shower head ?

domestic Water Conditioners softeners for face

Soft Water Benefits With Jaldoot Water Conditioners :
Kitchen & Bathroom surfaces will be kept cleaner & therefore will be easier to clean
Reduce your detergent in washing machines and dish washers
Cold water cleans as effectively as hot water, so your washing will be cleaner and softer
You will save money using less detergent and not using hot water
Eco friendly system without chemicals or salts
Heating elements in hot water systems, dishwashers & washing machines will be protected against scale build up which will improve their efficiency & save your money
Problems with blue water syndrome or blue green water will be reduced, extending the life of your copper pipes
After you have showered you will notice that your skin and hair will feel softer (You feel fresh and soft water after get showered)
Household appliances and piping will be protected against hard water problems
Evaporative air conditioners will work more efficiently and effectively
Your gardens will benefit using less water Garden systems and sprinkles stay clean and last longer
Less spotting on your car when you wash it
Scale in your water heater will gradually go away-this will decrease your energy bill
Important minerals remain in the water
Less time and effort spent on repairs and maintenance at your home, e.g. water heaters, washing machines etc.
Reduction of harmful bacteria and biofilm

kid water sprey

Application Areas



Golf Cources
Fitness Club
Condominiums & Large Buildings