It dramatically reduces maintenance cost of RO & other water treatment plants
It helps never need de-scaling in Boilers, Heat exchanger, Cooling Tower, Centralize, Cooling System, Induction Furnace
Wastewater Recycling
It is 100% Eco-friendly
It eliminates biofilm hence controls bacteria level
Stops scale buildup and corrosion. On pipes and fittings
Just fit and forget, no maintenance required once it is installed
It has no filters hence endless supply of soft water, no flow limitation
Uses no chemicals. Extends the life and improves performance of boilers and cooling plants

Our Skill-Set Includes :
Easy To Install
Longer Life
Low Consumption
Easy To Install - No Special Skills Needed
No Maintenance - Set It & Forget It

Hard Water Problems :
From fouling of cooling towers and clogging of water pipes to scaling of coffee pots, dishwashers, drill heads, ice machines, heater exchangers, washing machines and water heaters
Most companies just build the extra maintenance required to clean the scale off into their schedules
Added expense of the shortened life span of the equipment

Soft Water Benefits With Jaldoot Water Conditioners :
Eco friendly hard treatment, no chemicals & no salts.
Prevents calcium carbonate scaling. Over time existing scaling is dissolved
Stops the deposition of salt and in all cases brings it back to solution.
No blocking of vacuum pumps
Inhibits the formation of algae & inhibits the growth of bio-film
Reduces iron staining problems
Reduces-Blue Water Syndrome problems, operating costs, down time, maintenance cost, carbon footprint.
Improves health & safety issues by reducing chemical usage.
Productivity increase due to the reduction of lime incrustations.
Inexpensive installation without interruption of the production process.
Reduces chemical use in many areas
Spend less on machinery maintenance
Easy cleaning & no need to apply acids in cooling towers
Maximum working life of expensive production equipment
More reliable water supply
Maximum working life of commercial machinery and equipment
Reduction of harmful bacteria and biofilm
Less time and effort spent on cleaning
Food and beverages keep their natural taste. Savings due to more efficient use of energy for heating water

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Technical Specifications
Supply Voltage 110-240V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 5 Watt to 25 Watt
Application Voltage 12 V DC
Coil Cable 1 mm2/20AWG, Blue Maximum
Coil Temperature: 176 F (80 C)
Capable Of Driving 2 Coils Double Layer
Maximum Enclosure 149° F (60°c) Minimum Enclosure
Temperature 14° F (10°c)
Industrial Water Conditioners / Softeners
Industrial Water Conditioners / Softeners
Industrial Water Conditioners / Softeners

Application Areas


Aluminum Industry

Chemical manufacturing
Lumber Industry
Car Industry
Rubber Production
Cooling Towers
Heat Exchangers
Food Production
Maritime And Cargo Industry
Textile Industry
Injection Molding
Printing Industry
Hotels And Resorts
Waste Water Treatment
RO Plant (Reverse Osmosis Plant)
Restaurants And Cafes And Many More...